Tibet Tour via Nepal

'cultural and scenic adventure on roof of the world with impressive holidays’

Tibet and its huge landscapes regarded as world’s highest and largest plateau, for long time it remained mystical and full of curiosity to wide-world interested travelers with dreams to experience the hidden culture and heritage of Tibet and its friendly warm people.

For hundreds of years remained a Shangri-La, one of the hidden Buddhist country beyond massive Himalaya, now Tibet has flung its doors for visitors to witness its ancient treasures and heritage as it was many past centuries.

After it got merged with main land China, at present an Autonomous Region of People Republic China where most of the inner country has changed with wide networks of road and airports as well railway lines to link its neighboring countries. Since last mid 1980’s to 1990’s when outside travelers began to pour in visiting it’s old time glorious that still exists as it was past hundred of centuries ago, which makes one of most interesting country to visit within its dry-barren terrain, yet beautiful and scenic with massive

Himalaya forms the boundary with southern countries Nepal-Bhutan and India as far to Myanmar towards eastern end. Tibet Experience with wide range of interesting destination awaits and beckons you with tour around its famous cities with Lhasa and magnificent Potala Palace, Colorful Barkhor Sqaure and travel to second largest city at Shigatse with scenic overland journey through Yak grazing country.

One can travel as far to Everest North Base Camp within Rongbuk and its old monastery located on the laps of mighty Chomlungma / Everest, for religious mind and faith visit holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Lake of Manasrover within Tibet Far South West corners.

Truly a fascinating country for all types of adventure to experience once in your lifetime that certainly impress your with its old Buddhism religions vivid culture and custom of age-old heritage including its smiley and cheerful people.


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