Nepal Jungle Safari

‘for exciting thrill on elephant backs with jungle safari around famous parks of Nepal’

National Parks of Nepal & Wild Life Safari, hard to imagine that a country of world’s highest mountains and high green hills, where most travelers visits Nepal for trekking and other adventure like mountaineering, where Nepal is also famous for wild-life and jungle safari around its national parks covered with deep green jungles.

National Parks of Nepal & Wild Life Safari, located Mid South and Far South West including Far South East, where traveling by air takes you to remote parks, some of the parks are within driving distance like Chitwan National Park a journey of 4-5 hrs in the comfort of nice and lovely jungle lodge-hotels and resorts.

All our wild-safari a guided led by professional and expert guides and naturalist offering you with much information of the wild-animals, exotic bird life with other mammals that you witness in our National parks of Nepal & Wild Life Safari.

The famous and popular is Chitwan National Park for all types of games and bird watching with cultural programs, then with other choice extending to Nepal Far South West to Bardiya National Park, where flight is involved due to its remoteness to reach at Nepalgunj airport and then few hour drive to the park.

The other wild-life areas is Kosi Tappu Wild-Life Resorts, a flight of 45 minutes then few hour drive to the Jungle resort famous for water birds and wild buffalo known as Arna.
We provide and organize all types of wild-life safari on elephant backs, jungle drive, jungle walks, nature walks to bird watching in our list of National Parks of Nepal & Wild-Life Safari.


You can Explore in Nepal Jungle Safari